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two VN reviews
Doki Doki Literature Club: I was told to go into this one without spoilers, so I did. With unwitting prescience, I whined to my friend: "Wait, Monika is clearly the hottest, where's the button that lets me flirt with her?"

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A Night in the Woods: I think this works better if you think of this as more of a "wandering-around-in-a-decaying-rust-belt-town simulator" than a proper narrative-driven game. There is an overarching plot, ostensibly, but the plot's a bit thin, whereas the town is wonderfully tangible, and stuffed with fun little nooks and personalities to explore. (I especially liked talking with the preacher; I wish we'd seen more of him.)

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motherfucking conditioner
so i pretty much loathe showering.

this is not a "i am depressed and thus can't be bothered to keep up appearances" thing; i have pretty much always found showering really damn annoying except in cases where i am extraordinarily hot and sweaty and gross (read: at summer camp).

i'm not a gross person irl, so i do shower regularly, i just regard it as a Really Irritating Chore rather than the ~*~haven of bliss and loveliness and solitude~*~ so many people seem to think it is. (my brother went through a phase in high school where he showered three times a day. i was utterly bamboozled.)

mostly it's just all the extra around the shower i detest—i have long and thick hair, so it takes forever to dry. thus i get three options: (1), i lounge around the house with a towel around my stupid neck for hours until it dries (or just sleep with it wet, the most frequent option). (2), i get out the hair dryer / aggressively towel dry, except active drying can only ever do like 80% of the job, so you still have to wait around if you actually wanted to style it or anything, and also you wasted all that annoying time standing up and blasting your hair from every direction, blah blah blah. or (3), just go out with wet hair anyway, and accept that your hair will be a damp mess all the morning, a frizzy disaster by midday, and around 3pm, maybe you can rake a brush through it to make it not look like total shit. (this is the option i fall back on when i get lazy and procrastinate and don't do a shower at night when i'm supposed to).

anyway, tonight, after procrastinating forever because i was reading a really good book damnit, i finally get up to shower, and this time i get the bright idea of trying a new thing!!! . you see, my hair's looked like shit lately, and so when i went to the hair stylist last week i asked why, and she said "your hair is incredibly dry," and i said AW FUCK THAT'S PROBABLY THE ACCUTANE ISN'T IT, and i felt like a total dope for not figuring it out before. but, for the record, i still have only the haziest idea of the difference between "dry" and "not-dry" hair, other than "one sure tangles and frizzes a lot more"; she could tell it by touch alone and just, how, what wizardry.

anyway, the stylist recommended some conditioner to me, which i regarded with suspicion because my mom was a total dragon about conditioner growing up. it was like, okay if you start smoking tobacco or something i'll be upset but we'll get past it, but GOD FORBID you use any of that CONDITIONER or DETANGLER shit from any of those COMMERCIALS, NOT IN THIS HOUSEHOLD. (i suspect she had some traumatic incident in her past with poisonous conditioner or something. there is no other possible explanation for that level of enmity.)

"won't that make my hair really oily?" i asked.

the stylist rolled her eyes. "that's the point. your hair is too dry. try it."

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two tidbits from the Ada Palmer AMA
the screeching will continue until some of y'all fucks read this series with me

anyway, the author did an AMA, and

1. I think the last question this person asks is just so unbearably cute—"does my beloved scouting organization survive to the 25th century that your novels describe?"—and it made me smile that Palmer was able to confirm that yes, yes it does.

2. so, without spoiling too much, my opinion of the Utopia hive (i.e. nation) throughout the books has gradually slid from "heh, cute schtick, i see you Team Elon Musk," to "i honestly do not see why the internet is fanboying over these people, also wait does trade of technology not exist in this universe," to (most recently) "ugh these guys are so sanctimonious and annoooooying."

someone on Tumblr said it's really obvious that Palmer fucking loves Utopia, and while i could sorta see that, i thought, "well, Utopia has been getting more irritating and less sparkly lately, surely that's a sign she's not wholly bought in on them?"

lo, literally the top-voted thing on the AMA was a literal IRL Team Elon Musk member, fanboying over Utopia, and Palmer being extremely effusive about Utopia in return. so, okay, she's Team Utopia, clearly.

it's probably some props to her as an author that i could walk away from her books being like "but Utopia clearly is overrated bullshit" and SpaceX Employee Dude could be like "but Utopia is clearly awesome" and we're both probably right :P

...but seriously. someone read these fucking books so we can play the What Hive Would You Be In game. (for the record, we found out way more about Brillist hive in Book 3, and by that i mean we learned way more about the Brillist hive leader in Book 3, and the Brilist leader is a total shithead but in the best possible way and I would follow him to the grave. he embodies the rare, beautiful "extreme nerd" + "extreme extrovert" hybrid so well, it is me i am him, except he has so much more & better snark lol

Remnants of Restoration wrap-up
Hey, remember this old thing?

So I'm definitely never gonna finish that fic—in fact, i'd kinda forgotten about it until someone reminded me a while ago—so, here, have the scraps of Where I Was Going With This, I Think, If Memory Serves.

(speaking of which, I was digging up my old drafts and—holy shit, when did dropbox change their UI to something made of total garbage? who let them do that? also shouldn't they have gone public by now)

(also note that the writing quality is no longer something I'm proud of at all; this is just a "if you find it amusing for posterity" thing rather than "you should treat this as Actual Creative Output" thing, or whatever :P)

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some books i read lately (december edition)
Autobiography of RedCollapse )

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Wizard of the PigeonsCollapse )

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stream-of-consciousness artsy ramblings, loosely inspired by The Velvet Underground
Greater Bird of Paradise

a couple weekends ago i stayed up late and had a couple beers while trying to figure out why The Velvet Underground is a big deal.

uh, let me backtrack a bit.

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when i first played porpentine's "howling dogs", i rolled my eyes at the opening, which is just a long quote lifted from a kenzaburo oe's teach us to outgrow our madness. i had an unconscious, knee-jerk reaction: oh gee, look at this pretentious person, probably into lousy MFA fiction, majored in lit, putting on airs by name-dropping foreign nobel prize winners. (my unconscious it not very nice.)

i played the game and didn't much like it. it felt pretentious. its language was overwrought. there wasn't really a solid core.

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i've noticed lately that i've used the word "patient" to describe art i really admire.

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fear of the heavens
I spent my weekend in the Okanogon, a vast and rural county in eastern Washington, its largest city: population 4,000. The landscape was mostly variations on themes I'd seen before. Yawning stretches of shrub-steppe, low valleys hemmed in by mountains, and on our last day, to the south, a flat endless plateau.

But the highlands were new to me, and they were harrowing.

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yesterday i reread the script for Inception
Yucatan Jay
and then today i got so excited about it that i blathered about it to a friend, and then on tumblr, and then i, uh, accidentally like 2k words about cool stuff i noticed while rereading the script.

the thing's so damn long i probably should've just posted it here instead of on tumblr but, whatever, just linking to it from here for now.

skagit birding crosspost
i talked about birding in the skagit on tumblr over the weekend, but it occurs to me it may be of interest to some folks who follow me here and not over there, and also it was a really fucking cool trip i can't stop thinking about it, so, there's a link~


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